Work With Us

As with any charity, we rely on strong collaborative links with other individuals and organisations. We are continuously looking for new businesses, charities, volunteers or academics to work with.


We partner with a number of organisations to offer refugees work experience, training, apprenticeships and full-time roles. Organisations also have the opportunity to come into our offices and run training workshops and recruitment sessions. Benefits of working with refugees for the employer:

  • A diverse workforce (new consumer insight, broader service range).
  • Language skills.
  • Excellent CSR.
  • Significant savings on recruitment costs.
  • Savings on staff turnover due to refugees’ remarkably high retention rates.

If your business or organisation is interested in working with us, please contact:


We partner with a number of charities who refer refugees to us.

We devote the majority of our resources to our employment services. In order to be able to do this, our partnerships with other organisations that already provide support to refugees are extremely important.

By partnering with other organisations, we are able to work off trusted and tailored referrals to ensure the best possible outcome for every refugee. Co-operation and collaboration between existing refugee agencies enables a more efficient use of existing services and a mutually beneficial sharing of each other’s resources and expertise.

If your charity or community group is interested in working with us to improve the employment outcomes of refugees, please contact:


We have a robust monitoring and evaluation system. This process helps us to assess the ongoing success of the programme, as well as continually refine and improve our services.

We closely monitor everyone who passes through our system to determine their employment outcomes and social mobility, and enabling us to create a longitudinal study. The system was put in place with the help of experienced academics.

Refugee-specific data is very sparse. Our work helps us to build on this paucity of knowledge and share it with our partners. Research is an invaluable part of our work, and we are always looking for new ways to develop, disseminate and utilise the data we collect. If you are an academic interested in working with us please get in touch with:


We are always looking out for enthusiastic individuals to volunteer at all stages:

  • Helping at employability workshops.
  • Organising activities for unaccompanied minors.
  • Campaigning and lobbying for support.
  • Providing specialist skills and insight to help towards core running – e.g. accountancy, HR, marketing, communications etc. – either on an ad hoc basis or as a trustee. For more information about joining our board of trustees, have a look at our jobs section.
  • Mentoring refugees pre-, during and post-employment.

If you are in individual looking to volunteer, please find more info and get in touch here.

Simi's Story

Council funding enables us to help hundreds of London refugees – Simi’s Story

We’ve received funding from the European Social Fund and London Councils to help hundreds of refugees like Simi rebuild their lives through training and employment. In August this year, 18-year-old Simi was homeless – awaiting official refugee status from the Home Office – and struggling to find stability in London. “Housing is the biggest problem,”… read more