About Us

Refugees seeking work face significant barriers. We work with refugees to break these barriers down and help them find meaningful employment.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone is entitled to the same opportunites, regardless of where they come from. Refugees flee to the UK in fear; they flee from persecution; they flee from unimaginable suffering; they flee from war. By offering refugees the same opportunties as everyone else, we can empower them rebuild their lives. Refugees lived once, together we can help them live again.

What We Do

We offer a holistic service designed to make sure that refugees can find meaningful employment that is commensurate with their skills, experience and qualifications. By doing so we help their successful settlement in, and integration with, local communities.

Why We Do It

In 2013, the UK was home to 120,000 refugees and there are 20,000 new applications every year for refugee status. Although these refugees have higher levels of education, skills and qualifications than the UK average, an eagerness to work and are mostly of working age, unemployment levels in refugee communities remain above 50%, compared to 6% for the national average.

This is due to a number of refugee-specific barriers that prevent them from finding employment:

  • Refugees lack the necessary British work experience to find a first job.
  • Refugees lack the necessary knowledge of British workplace culture and systems to find, apply for and interview for jobs.
  • Employers often discriminate against refugees, both consciously and subconsciously.
  • Employers often struggle to recognise refugees’ skills, qualifications and experiences.

The resulting endemic unemployment levels mean that refugees:

  • Are forced to turn to the informal labour market; un-skilled work, lack of job security and dangerous jobs.
  • Have to settle for jobs not commensurate with their experience – a waste for both refugees and the local community.
  • Find themselves socially excluded, preventing their assimilation and integration into UK society and leading to community weakening and fragmentation.
  • Have to face poverty and homelessness.
  • Become increasingly dependent on the state.

The situation is self-perpetuating. As refugees struggle to get their foot on the first step of the ladder and find relevant British work experience, societal pressures and discrimination increase, making the task ever harder.

We help to break this vicious circle. We work with refugees, businesses and throughout society to educate and provide support at all stages.

Simi's Story

Council funding enables us to help hundreds of London refugees – Simi’s Story

We’ve received funding from the European Social Fund and London Councils to help hundreds of refugees like Simi rebuild their lives through training and employment. In August this year, 18-year-old Simi was homeless – awaiting official refugee status from the Home Office – and struggling to find stability in London. “Housing is the biggest problem,”… read more